2016 Annual Preschool Art Show

14th Apr 2016

On April 7, Adat Shalom Preschool held its annual Art Show Benefit. This casual event began with parents and preschoolers enjoying dinner and socializing with fellow preschool families, teachers and staff. Next, families perused two long, windowed hallways filled with artwork masterpieces created by the preschoolers. All enjoyed cookies and chocolate milk in fancy glasses along the way.

This year, the Preschool Art Show featured Process Art rather that Product Art. Learn more about the differences between Process and Product Art below.

Art Show Art Show Art Show
Art Show Art Show Art Show

Tiny ArtFor one theme, the children were challenged to build “Tiny Art.”


The Tiny Art theme had one rule: all art work must be five inches and under. Limiting the size of the art piece changed the children’s perspective on how they created the art. The children took more time to plan how they would utilize the limited space and slowed the pace of the art process. The result was adorable, tiny masterpieces.


What’s the difference between Product and Process Art?

Product-Focused Art:

Process-Focused Art:

  • Children have step-by-step instructions to follow.
  • Children do not have step-by-step instructions.
  • The teacher created a sample to copy.
  • The teacher does not provide a sample to follow.
  • There’s a finished product in mind and right and wrong ways to create the product.
  • No exact finished product is in mind, and each child explores and creates in his or her own way.
  • The entire classes’ finished products look the same.
  • All of the finished art pieces look original and unique.
Learn more tips from the National Association for the Education of Young Children on Process-Art focused activities and leading Process-Art projects.

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