Preschool Reviews and Testimonials

When you’re trying to select the best preschool for your child, hearing a recommendation from another parent can make all the difference.
Read what real parents have to say about their experiences with Adat Shalom Preschool.


“We could not be happier with the Adat Shalom Preschool and the experiences our children have had here! The value of the outstanding educational program was truly evident when our oldest child progressed to elementary school and was optimally prepared for the new academic challenges she faced. Socially, the Adat environment teaches our children to be kind, respectful, and invested in building friendships. The teachers are caring, nurturing, creative, and extremely qualified professional educators. We wholeheartedly recommend Adat Shalom Preschool to all our friends!”
– Peter Rubin, MD, and Julie Rubin parents of Eliana, Liviya, Zachary, and Talya

“My daughter is always excited for her school day at Adat Shalom. This can be credited to the wonderful teachers and staff, as well as the caring and nurturing environment. We couldn’t be happier with our preschool!”
– Dana Berger Dinh, mother of Samantha and Andrew

“Adat Shalom Preschool provides wonderful educational experience for my children. Not only do they learn their ABC’s, but they learn important life lessons like sharing, caring, and friendship because of the warm and welcoming environment and staff at Adat Shalom. I could not think of a better place for my children to grow and to be Kindergarten ready!”
– Robyn Friedberg, mother of Jacob and Zachary


“My boys love going to school and camp at Adat Shalom, and I appreciate the focus on play and social development. As my older son has gone through the program, the teachers have worked hard to ensure he is ready to succeed in Kindergarten. I couldn’t have asked for a better start for my kids.”
– Maureen Hill, mother of Porter and Charlie

“Adat Shalom has provided a wonderful stepping stone to elementary school for our children. The academic and cultural experience has been outstanding.”
– Eve Bursic, mother of Hansen, Reed, and Tess

“The teachers are incredibly creative and nurturing. They infuse the children with confidence and instill in them a love of learning. The yearly art show is a great example of how the teachers bring out the best in the children.”
– Fadi Lakkis, MD, and Lisa Lakkis parents of Zachary and Zoe

“Adat has provided us with great satisfaction knowing that our children are actually receiving a structured education and not daycare. And, the kids love it! Nothing but smiles and giggles after school. The best part is that they actually are being put through a curriculum and they come home with a sense of self-worth. From the director to the teachers the atmos- phere is a warm family that cares about our children as much as we do. Everything we want when we are away from our children. We trust Adat Preschool!”
– Heather and Michael Goodworth, parents of Lilygrace and Caden