Preschool Safety and Security

At Adat Shalom Preschool, providing your child with a safe and secure learning environment is high-priority. Here are some precautionary measures we take to ensure your child is safe at our school.


Secure Entrance

All visitors to the school must use a locked entrance that is monitored by a security camera. Additionally, visitors must be identified and admitted entrance by office personnel.

Pre-Authorized Pick-Up

Only pre-authorized adults may pick up your child from class. Authorized adults must be listed on a pick-up sheet filed within our office.

Photo Release Waiver

Your child’s photo only may be included in Adat Shalom print and online materials if you opted to sign our Photo Release Waiver at the beginning of the school year.

Approved Preschool Equipment

  • Outdoor Playground

    All of our playground structures and equipment are specifically designed for preschoolers. Additionally, our structures are up to code and inspected regularly.

  • Indoor Bike-Room

    All of the riding toys available for use in our bike-room are approved, high-quality preschool equipment.

  • Classroom Equipment

    All of the tables and chairs in our classrooms are purchased from approved preschool supply sources and are completely adjustable based on age groups.

Enclosed Courtyard Playground

Our large, outdoor playground is completely enclosed in an interior courtyard, helping to keep your child safe.

Age-Appropriate Classroom Toys & Supplies

All of the toys and manipulatives in our classroom are specifically tailored and selected for each age-group. Additionally, we rotate the toys and manipulatives in our classrooms to ensure children can enjoy fresh play experiences throughout the year.